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Forums :: Blog World :: Dan Wallace: Shero To Join Wild Front Office
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Dan Wallace
Joined: 09.15.2005

Jun 9 @ 2:27 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Shero To Join Wild Front Office
Pittsburgh Penguins
Joined: 10.08.2019

Jun 9 @ 3:09 PM ET
Wow, congrats to the Wild! He made some bold aggressive trade with the Pens.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: United States, PA
Joined: 05.15.2007

Jun 9 @ 4:08 PM ET
Great hire by the wild.

As an aside, he is a super nice guy. He was in Dallas/Ft Worth when the steelers were playing the packers for the superbowl and he took pics with anyone who asked. Talked hockey with a ton of folks. could have ducked out but stayed around to chat. very giving with his time.
Joined: 04.01.2010

Jun 9 @ 4:13 PM ET
The elder Shero also was the head coach of the IHL, St. Paul Saints in the early 60s.


Just let Seattle take Dumba, use his cap money for others. Dumba has peaked.
If Wild'd let Vegas take Dumba, the Wild would still have Tuch.
Montreal Canadiens
Location: ON
Joined: 02.26.2015

Jun 9 @ 4:39 PM ET
I guess it doesn't hurt to have additional advice, but I thought Billy G was doing a pretty good job on his own.
Minnesota Wild
Joined: 10.19.2008

Jun 10 @ 12:25 PM ET
Parise to join the unemployement line?
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Minnesota Wild
Location: Duluth, MN
Joined: 02.22.2012

Jun 10 @ 1:45 PM ET
I wonder if the Wild do buyout Parise (I think that is worst case scenario), and he then just up and retired....would there still be the cap recapture penalties? If there are, buying him out just doesn't even seem like an option.

Besides Dumba, here are the 3 players I think Guerin is working to move...Parise, Rask and Fiala. And I say Fiala as that could be his only bargaining chip to bring in a C. Was thinking on this, and I figured at least 1 of these guys will be moved. So, what do you still want to have on the roster.

Fiala & Parise - Rask moved, gonna have to give up something for him to move
Fiala & Rask - Parise, gonna have to eat salary and take some back as well
Parise & Rask - best trade chip that is becoming expensive.

It does help to have (2) 1st Rd picks, as am guessing 1 of those picks will be used to move Rask or Fiala. So what would be the best trade idea involving one of the 1st Rd picks and either Rask or Fiala. I still believe that Parise can have a role on this team playing 4th line minutes, with the ability to move up on lines if needed for a game or 2.
Joined: 05.17.2015

Jun 10 @ 6:07 PM ET
I've always been kind of curious and suspect of a "senior advisor". What exactly is that? An opinion with no consequence? At the end of the day it's the GM and or owner who make the call. I say this as Scotty Bowman who is arguably one of the most respected individuals of all time is a senior advisor to his son Stan in Chicago. Dale Tallon built the base of the cup winning teams. Stan........well suffice to say there have been plenty of players that he has moved that the return didn't even amount to a bag of pucks. Saad, Panarin, Leddy, Lehner, Teuvo, Danault and while it wasn't a trade, coach Q seems to be doing just fine.