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Forums :: Blog World :: Paul Stewart: Fond Memories of "Bugsy" Watson
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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Jul 16 @ 8:27 PM ET
Paul Stewart: Fond Memories of "Bugsy" Watson
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Joined: 06.25.2012

Jul 16 @ 10:36 PM ET
Funny stuff, Stewie!

Just lost a very close friend this week as well. One of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Ya just can’t replace those people. They’re one of a kinds!!

Enjoyed the read! Thank you!!👍
Barbecued Hockey
Carolina Hurricanes
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Joined: 05.11.2009

Jul 19 @ 2:15 PM ET
Reminds me of a quote from Ethan Allen. Shortly after the revolutionary War he was in England. He asked to use the water closet and when directed they watched as he went in and came out. They had a portrait of George Washington hanging in the bathroom. When he returned they asked him what they thought of the placement of George Washington's portrait and he replied it was appropriate because nothing scares the crap out of an English man like the sight of George Washington.
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 19 @ 10:23 PM ET
so fond... so, so fond...