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Sam Woo
New Jersey Devils
Location: Harding, NJ
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Sep 11 @ 6:55 AM ET
Sam Woo: Remembering 9/11
New Jersey Devils
Location: stafford is about equal to rya, NJ
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Sep 11 @ 1:03 PM ET
Horrifying day.

I remember being in school and my teacher getting a call to say something was happening at WTC and then the school made an announcement and parents rushing to the school to pick theirs kids up

Some went to the guidance office as they had a parent that worked at or near and couldn't get a hold of each other

My dad didn't work in the WTC but had meetings that morning and after the first meeting him and his team had a meeting midtown and about 10mins later the first plane hit

Our neighbor lost over 80 colleagues and people he knew

New Jersey Devils
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Sunday @ 10:29 PM ET
Sam Woo: Remembering 9/11
- SamuelPWoo

As your Canadian neighbor, I send my deepest condolences. I was at School like many others and our entire day stopped as we stared at the news feed. Tragic day. United 93 passengers were nothing short of hero's, as were all the first responders rushing into the towers that day.