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Forums :: Blog World :: Trevor Neufeld: Controversy is Afoot as Vegas Wins 4-3
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Trevor Neufeld
Calgary Flames
Joined: 06.20.2021

Oct 13 @ 3:09 PM ET
Trevor Neufeld: Controversy is Afoot as Vegas Wins 4-3
Calgary Flames
Joined: 08.24.2011

Oct 13 @ 3:57 PM ET
Spin the wheel reviews are in mid-season form already. Ya never know what you're going to get!
Buffalo Sabres
Location: Silver Creek, NY
Joined: 07.05.2012

Oct 13 @ 4:14 PM ET
You don’t have to move your foot forward to kick anything. You can kick stuff by pushing your foot sideways too like Stephenson did. It was a blatant kick from the side but NHL rule is so elementary when it comes to a kicking motion is why the goal counted. Just goes to show how the brain trust for the NHL is so minuscule compared to the other major sports! Good showing by Seattle and ok by Vegas tbh. Idk if Lehner is going to be what they hoped for though lol. He wasn’t that great from what I’ve seen.
Los Angeles Kings
Location: If its Brown flush it down!, CA
Joined: 10.15.2013

Oct 13 @ 4:45 PM ET
on the replays it looked like the toe of his skate lifts off the ice... that would mean "distinct kicking motion" in almost anyone's but the NHL's book.