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Michael Stuart
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Edmonton, AB
Joined: 09.09.2020

Oct 13 @ 10:54 PM ET
Michael Stuart: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Ghosts of Yanni Gourde
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Tampa, FL
Joined: 07.05.2013

Oct 13 @ 11:55 PM ET
Was in the building, great to see the banner raised to the rafters. Team did not show up at all besides Vasilevskiy. Was happy Cooper kept pulling him in the third, the team in front of him did him no favors and didn't deserve to have him in the net. Even he made a mistake but he still was the only one to show up.

Personally I think the Yanni Gourde third line missing is going to get so tiresome this year hearing about it as the Lightning make there way thru the season. Yes it stinks they are gone but the team will change its identity as needed and lets be honest here this team has always gone as its top line and goalie have gone since Cooper has been the coach.

Just look at the history of their playoff runs. Top line and goalie good they go far 2015-2016-2018-2021-2021, when top line or goalie is bad bad they don't make playoffs or get swept. 2014-Lindback and St Louis turmoil, 2017-Vasy first year taking over after trade of Bishop, Stamkos hurt and lots of injuries, 2019-Entire team had inflated egos after regular season.