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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Nov 24 @ 11:38 AM ET
Paul Stewart: A November to Remember.... 42 Years Ago
Joined: 12.22.2015

Nov 27 @ 5:27 PM ET
Not too many here are going to remember that game. The first fight with Oreilly actually happened during a commercial break and WSBK showed the replay . Oreilly won Clear. He was letting go with those lefts pretty good. You were trying but he was landing and you really weren't. One thing there is only a short clip of this available so this is mostly from memory. The Jonathan go was a good one you got cut after a good exchange. He wins .This is available for all to see on video. The Secord fight wasn't much he kind of grabbed you from behind. Remember going to see this game at the bar because I knew there was going to be action because of what happened the previous game. Living in NY cable TV wasn't available outside the city but one place would put on the bruin game for me. Great memory. Not to many games like that anymore. You didn't shy away and should be proud of stepping right into the fire. The bruins back then were big time tough and you knew what was coming.