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Zak MacMillan
Columbus Blue Jackets
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Joined: 09.21.2015

Jan 11 @ 6:33 PM ET
Zak MacMillan: CBJ G33– Jones Comes Homes
Columbus Blue Jackets
Joined: 07.01.2011

Jan 12 @ 12:08 PM ET
Well . . . turns out Jones doesn't come home !! COVID, and all it's ridiculous hype, kept Seth from coming back.

Jackets didn't look very good anyway. Chunks of time looking like there was no energy. Still not aggressive enough in their own end - giving the opposition way too much space and time to shoot. If I coached the D they'd be playing more in-your-face defense rather than an ole' - wave your stick as the offense flies by !! These guys should be more than capable to keep up with the other teams' offense.

Laine - no shot attempts. Really ???!!! Not even on the PP ??? Something's not clicking with the offense.

A couple of TV shots showed Larsen behind the bench, just looked like he was befuddled about the game. It's easy to coach when everything's working, and falling into place (first 10-15 games). A little harder when it's falling apart. (Since then)