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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: Kings pick up another important win, beat Penguins 6-2
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Ben Shelley
Los Angeles Kings
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Jan 14 @ 1:26 AM ET
Ben Shelley: Kings pick up another important win, beat Penguins 6-2
Los Angeles Kings
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Jan 14 @ 9:08 AM ET
That was a joy to watch. The explosion in the third was unexpected. I did not think the team had that gear. They were flying. Quick and Cal have been great the last 4 games and I bet that gives the entire team a lift going forward. It was not a perfect game. Some of the sloppy play is still there. I recall Kempe and Roy (maybe Anderson?) coughing the puck up in dangerous areas. But that's nit picking. This was the best I've seen them play all year.

Turcotte was the most noticeable I've seen him yet. He looked outmatched in the first two periods, was knocked down repeatedly, and processed things a little slow such as in the 3rd when he did not decisively take the puck to the net when he had space and a chance. Still, he did constantly get himself into dangerous areas. The kid has zero fear. I suspect he goes back down after 9 games. Based on what's been reported about his drive and compete, getting a taste of the NHL speed of play probably will help the kid a ton. There is definitely a player there.

Los Angeles Kings
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Jan 14 @ 4:46 PM ET
We are performing above expected. Last night the Penguins had a rough night and we capitalized on it. I like where we are and hope we take a run at Chychrun he will help and we have can afford a forward or two in trade.

Hopefully we get to see Byfield on the upcoming trip up to Seattle.

Thank you for the continued posts about the Kings, I am sure alot are like me that dont post but read em all.
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Jan 14 @ 9:53 PM ET
I watched the Pens feed and was amused when Kopitar scored in the 1st and their color commentator remarked "that's the only way that you're going to beat Jarry." I was then even more amused when Jarry let in 5 more over the rest of the game.