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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

May 9 @ 12:49 PM ET
Paul Stewart: The Stew: Fine and Dandy (Playoff 1st Round Edition)
Pittsburgh Penguins
Joined: 06.22.2018

May 14 @ 9:28 PM ET
So what’s your take on the non-calls in the Pens-Rangers series? Rakell and Crosby were knocked out of games, and the lineup with non-calls on high hits. I seem some iffy decisions by the referees, and subsequently DOPS, put this has essentially handed this series to a team being consistently outplayed. The “right” calls in these instances would probably have resulted in the Pens moving on. Never understood that Crosby, being an elite player, never gets the league in a tither when he is hurt. What gives?
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: VA
Joined: 09.27.2011

May 14 @ 11:30 PM ET
every nhl playoff highlights the how inept the officiating continues to be...they miss calls when their 10 feet away looking right at it...

Mathews being held for 7-8 seconds right in front of red armband...
a cane player in G7 today having his lip ripped open by a high stick...
goalies getting run all game long...
pasternak taking an elbow to the head into boards...

make the damn obvious calls right in front of their wistles

mcaully and lee are the most arrogant and fittingly the worst...