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Forums :: Blog World :: Dan Wallace: Kaprizov Back In the U.S.A.
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Dan Wallace
Joined: 09.15.2005

Aug 1 @ 10:00 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Kaprizov Back In the U.S.A.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Joined: 03.20.2020

Aug 2 @ 2:25 PM ET
He's lucky this time. Maybe next time he won't press his luck by going back to that sh!thole country, even if it is his homeland. At least until POS Putin is finally gone. Too bad for Fedotov and the Flyers. I think he's in a "re-education" camp in Siberia doing military service.
Minnesota Wild
Joined: 06.26.2021

Aug 2 @ 3:33 PM ET
I thought NHL players in Russia had an exemption from military service. Nothing in law but a mutual understanding. Kaprizov had a student deferment that expired at the end of June, I believe. He should have departed before then.
Minnesota Wild
Joined: 10.19.2008

Aug 3 @ 11:58 AM ET
Apparently he gave the Russian government fake military documents that would keep him from having to serve. Lucky he isn't stuck in a Russian prison. He should move his family here, and stay out until everything settles down.
Vancouver Canucks
Joined: 02.02.2012

Aug 6 @ 4:06 AM ET
Big sigh of relief