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Brian Burke thinks Auston Matthews will leave Toronto

August 27, 2019, 10:07 AM ET [375 Comments]
Lucas Neilson
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It comes with no surprise to me that Brian Burke thinks Matthews will leave the Leafs after his five year contract is up in Toronto.

Burke insists it’s because of money and taxes.

Yes it’s true that that all players in America are able to write off certain things they cant in Canada, as well as in certain places like Florida they have less taxes to write off. These are all true, and perhaps this would be attractive for players looking for the big pay day.

It’s possible as Auston only signed a five year deal which takes him to his UFA years.


I don’t see this happening. Certainly not the way Burke envisions it happening like it’s all part of Matthews master plan. Give me a break.

The way I see it, Matthews signed a quality deal for term and salary that worked for both him and the Leafs. He’s the franchise player, the number one pick and the young stud who can lead the Leafs to the Cup. If after five years he feels that’s not going to happen or he’s had enough of Toronto and or the Leafs organization he has the option to leave.

It certainly doesn’t mean that’s his plan.

Burke is a bold kind of guy. He’s also the idiot who made the Phil Kessel trade.

So take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Maybe less than a grain, because I think he’s bitter. Truth be told, Kyle Dubas is doing a much better job of General Managing than Burke ever did in his career. He and Shanahan have literally turned this team around from the disaster Burke left behind.

It was just that; a disaster. Bringing in Phaneuf wasn’t too bad because he gave up nothing in return. Dion was worth more than that pile of playes but I can’t really recall many other moves he made that were impactful in a good way.

Dare we discuss the Grabovski buyout?

Only to sign Bolland to a similar deal the next year?

How about buying out Komisarek with 1 year left instead of Liles? Only to trade him for Gleason, to buy him out.

I can’t go on, it’s too painful. Brian Burke sucked!

So as I said; it’s no surprise he’s negative towards the Maple Leafs.

Seems to me these old school hockey minds like Chiarelli and Burke are washed right up.

What are your thoughts on Burke and his two cents about Matthews?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.
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