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A new era begins: Don Cherry + Hutchinson

November 12, 2019, 10:25 AM ET [438 Comments]
Lucas Neilson
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When you think of Don Cherry, what is the first thing that pops into your head?

For me, it brings back a lot of memories growing up watching and playing hockey. I’ll forever remember Coaches Corner with Ron and Don; unfortunately I won’t be able to remember all of those funky suits that Don has sported over the years. Some real dandy’s in there!

When I think of Don Cherry I think about his interviews over the years growing up. I think about his Rock em Sock em hockey videos, all the highlight goals, saves, hits and fights. There were also some tips of what not to do and what to do. Don loves the game of hockey and since I can remember he’s loved giving his two cents regardless of what people thought.

Don's been known to call players out, coaches out, general managers out; hell he’s even called Gary Bettman out. Don Cherry says it how he see’s it and that’s what he’s done for years and that’s what he’s made a career out of after his time in the NHL.

Don has done a lot for the game, and a lot for the players of the game. He’s also been a hockey icon in Canada since I can remember. Everyone loves Don and Ron. Well, almost everyone.

Over the years Don and Ron would entertain us all between first intermissions on Hockey Night in Canada. We’d all get a kick out of Don’s suits and I’d personally get a hoot out of watching Ron’s face and reactions when listening to Cherry go on one of his rants. Classic really.

In the last few years Don has shown his age (that’s how I’m going to put it). The final unfolding leading to Cherry being fired really didn’t come as a huge surprise to me. There was two ways it was going to happen. One Don was going to have to quit his job and go out (like he should have done a few years ago), or he would be fired after an incident happened and he “went over the line”.

This was bound to happen eventually who are we trying to kid here?

I guess Don was ready to ride this train until the tracks were no longer laid out for him. And that’s entirely his decision to not go out on a high note years ago. I’ve always been a big Cherry fan but even I can admit it was his time to go. It’s not easy to just move on from what you love the way Don loves hockey; so I get why he continued to entertain and continue to do what he enjoyed most. Talking hockey, or “talking shop” like the boys like to call it on the inside.

Don Cherry will always be a hockey icon in Canada. Not sure I agree with him being fired though. Touchy subject for a soft world we live in these days.


It’s about damned time. After what feels like 100 goals against in his handful of games the Leafs have finally waived Hutchinson; here comes Kaskisuo!

The Leafs also have Ian Scott and Joseph Woll in their system.

All signs are pointing to Kaskisuo to backup for the Leafs unless Dubas and Babcock decide they want to make a trade for a more experienced backup goaltender.

The Leafs play three times this week:

Vs Islanders, Wednesday
Vs Boston (home), Friday
Vs Pittsburgh, Saturday

So we may see what backup option the Leafs decide to go with as early as this weekend. Can’t be any worse than Hutchinson can it?!

Our Leafs need to play some good hockey this week as they have three East opponents all of which are doing well. They will have to do it without Mitch Marner as he’s going to be sidelined for about a month.

Let’s hope the boys can put on their rally caps.

Thanks for reading.
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