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The NHL Should Ban Slava Voynov for Life

April 20, 2019, 1:25 PM ET [63 Comments]
James Tanner
Arizona Coyotes Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
In 2015 the Los Angeles Kings terminated the contract of Slava Voynov for beating up his girlfriend in 2014.

He hasn't played in the NHL since.

Here is a quote from his wikipedia page:

"At a hearing on 15 December 2014, an officer testified that Varlamova told police Voynov punched, kicked, and choked her, and that her face was cut after Voynov pushed her into a flat-screen television."

This isn't an allegation. He plead guilty and did a preposterously low 90 days in jail.

Last week, the NHL announced that he is suspended for all of next season, and that he can come back to the league the year after that.

But why would the NHL do this?

Why take the time to ban a guy for one single year, after he's missed the last three, instead of giving him a lifetime ban?

The NHL could have shown they find his behavior abhorrent and disgusting.

They could have cut ties completely.

Why leave the door open at all?

Why not just say that the NHL is disgusted with this piece of human garbage and that he'll never be allowed to play in the league again, for any reason?

Why not just take a stance and be on the right side of something, for once?

Voynov should have done ten years in jail for what he did. Minimum.

He should never play for any NHL team, ever again.

The NHL needs a domestic abuse policy.

It needs to be zero-tolerance.

Any player who raises their fists to their wife or girlfriend should be banned from the league. It's the most simple thing of all time.

As usual, the NHL gets it wrong.
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