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Will the Blues Do it? Why All That is Involved Makes it Crazy Tough

June 9, 2019, 2:38 PM ET [32 Comments]
If you are hockey fan you have dreamt of a day like this. A day when you wake up with your team a single victory from a Stanley Cup. If you are Blues ticket holder today must be one of the most crazy and exciting days EVER.

I know there are many of you out there, including myself, who have never had the joy of getting in the car and heading to a game that could end with your team raising the Stanley Cup...

There is a reason the CHEAPEST ticket right now on StubHub for this game is $1500 each with most closer to $3k per!

So if you are a Blues fan going tonight I am incredibly jealous.

Now imagine you are a player.

I have been lucky, around a dozen times now, to be on the ice with the Stanley Cup as players and their friends and families pass the trophy around and pose for the picture of a lifetime. And every time I get to do this I am amazed at how each player has a contingency of about ten people with them...All ten of those people the player had to arrange tickets for and travel to the game in just the hopes of this possible outcome.

Not a single player on this Blues team has ever had that kind of pressure to close this out on them before. None of them have ever ACTUALLY played a game where the end result could be themselves and their families raising the Cup.

It is a HUGE weight to carry...especially when you are playing against a team with players who have been here before. Players who have had chances to close it out and know the pressure that comes with it. The Bruins know that all the crazy things that had to happen so that the Blues could get all the people into that building tonight could be for nothing...and worse than that, should the Blues lose the players have to do it all again on Wednesday night, find the tickets and space, AND fly everyone to Boston on top of it.

I have talked to players, and it is a logistical nightmare because while the team does have people who will help the players, the players still have 100 people who want to be there and figuring out who you can say yes to....It is not fun, and anyone who says it isn't a distraction is lying through their teeth.

The Blues have the Cup in their building and they just need a win to keep it there...

But that is NEVER easy.

What do YOU think happens?
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