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EXACTLY What will Happen in Game 7. Keys and Return of The Ek's Factors

June 12, 2019, 10:46 AM ET [92 Comments]
From tomorrow, through the rest of the summer we will be going hardcore rumors 24/7 as we get ready for what will be THE MOST CRAZY draft/trades/UFA/RFA Summer EVER.

But for now...we have the rarest of rares to talk about...Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final…

First the keys to tonight...followed by the triumphant return of “The Ek’s Factors” after nearly a decade away

Keys to tonight

*Brad Marchand. Plain and simple, the best big-game player on either team is Brad Marchand. He was money in Game 7 in Vancouver, he was the best player for team Canada in the World Cup of Hockey. He is at his best when many other get tied in knots from nerves.

*Goaltending. Almost too obvious in this sport which probably should be called “goalie.” Rask will be fine. No doubt there..Binnington is incredibly new at this, but has been a monster...In this game he will need to challenge more, like he did in Game 5, and not stay back in his net because he wants to play every wrap around. He knows the Bruins will shoot from everywhere.

*The Blues dump and chase. St Louis needs to get the puck deep and forecheck. The Bruins defense is beaten up and the don’t want to turn their backs and go deep. The Bruins D has been very bad at clearing the puck, especially Chara.

*The Blues shooting the puck from the point. The Blues can’t let Rask get inside their head and they need to remember the Gunnarsson shot from the point. Quite often its easier to score on Rask from further away and in early in game 6 Rask was in fact giving up some rebounds on point shots.

*The Blues defending the slot. The Bruins are excellent at getting guys WIDE open between the face-off circles...The Blues have a hole in their defense and have given up quite a few holes but overly pursuing Bruins players behind the net...leaving the slot alone and the Bruins are well aware of this issue…

*Special teams may not be a factor. With all that has happened this post season you can bet the refs are not going to want to be a factor tonight...and they will probably only be calling the most egregious of penalties..

And now for something completely different….

The Ek's Factors for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final

1. Last Game Carry-Over:
Bruins +2
(Boston has to be feeling strong about the way game 7 went)

2. Revenge Factor:
Blues +2
(Boston ruined one hell of a party...St Louis has to fired up)

3. Style Versus Opponent:
Blues +1
(The Blues dump and chase forecheck really can frustrate the Bruins

4. Faith in Goaltending:
Bruins +2
(Binnington has gotten the Blues here, but there is little doubt that Rask has been incredible in these playoffs and his calmness gives the Bruins tons of experience)

5. Experience:
Bruins +3
(Many of these Bruins have been in this spot before, while NONE of the Blues Have)

6. Confidence vs. Frustration (negative numbers are frustration, positive are confidence):
Blues +1, Bruins +2
(The Bruins have been able to dominate certain games, but the Blues have won the last two games in Boston)

7. Aggressiveness:
Blues +2
(Both teams hit alot, but the Blues punish you more)

8. Desperation Factor:
Blues +1
(They have never won a Cup and were up 3-2 in this series)

9. Below, Meeting, or Beyond Expectations this Season(zero is meeting):
Blues +2, Bruins +1
(The Blues were in last place in January….)

10. Let Down/ Fatigue Factor
Not Applicable...Game 7 Stanley Cup Final

11. Fan Factor:
Bruins +1

The Ek’s Factors Tonight Favor….

The Bruins 11-9

What exactly will happen tonight

I feel the Blues are the team of destiny here..I picked them in 7 before the series started and I am more confident now that they will indeed take home their first Stanley Cup 3-2 in OT.
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