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Who will you root for, how will you consume?

July 27, 2020, 4:39 PM ET [43 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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The biggest news out of Detroit right now is where ELSE players will be playing for the next few months. Veleno and Zadina seem to be headed to the Czech league. For the rest of the team, it may be another few months of working out. Starting tomorrow, however, the team can get its eyes back on the prize.

An unexpected rush of relief/joy swept over me today as I opened the NHL app and saw 3 games slated for tomorrow night. 4PM - Penguins/Flyers. 8 PM Leafs/Canadiens. 10:30pm Oilers/Flames. Those three games feel like a small return to “normal”. It is painful not to have Detroit participating, but for many of us, that won’t hinder the upcoming “binge”. What kind of consumer will you end up being?

The Scheduler - this is the viewer that picks a specific block of time to set aside and enjoy whoever fits in it. You won’t let yourself be consumed by huge game days. Just check in to enjoy one and check out.

The 2nd team fan - many of us have those secondary teams that we tend to follow, especially if Detroit is out of the mix. For the foreseeable future, you’ll be brandishing a different logo and catching each game, no matter when it airs.

The enemy of my enemy - basically the polar opposite of the second team fan. You will root for anyone who can defeat the team you dislike. The further your nemesis advances, the more different teams you’ll root for!

The responsible binge - if games are on, you’ll be checking in. But, you won’t give up sleep or routine. You may end up using the DVR to catch something you missed, or just check the box score. All teams are welcome.

Placing a toilet in the living room - basically, if Hockey’s on the world is off. You will acquire food and beverage only during gaps. If possible, one room will become your viewing room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Concerned friends will send the police over for a safety check. This is not recommended.

So, who will you be? Is there a plot line or possible upset that you are going to cling to? Let me know in either comment or GIF form!
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