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Coyotes Goal Problems Worse Than We Thought

May 12, 2019, 5:48 PM ET [36 Comments]
James Tanner
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The leading point scorer on the Coyotes this season was Clayton Keller with 47 points.

That's a pretty lousy total, and I even had to double check it was right because, by far, the number-one question people ask me about the Coyotes is "What's wrong with Clayton Keller?" and do I think he'll bounce back, or if his rookie year was a fluke.

So popular was this question that I couldn't believe it when it turned out he actually led the team in scoring. It's like if someone said you had a good haircut, for a homeless person.

For the record, I do believe that Keller can become a top scorer in the NHL, just maybe not a 100 point guy.

When it comes to goals, the leading scorer was Brad Richardson with 19 in 68 games. That is pathetic, as a) your leading goal scorer should have way more goals, and b) Brad Richardson shouldn't lead your team in any category other than number of guys named Brad.

Every NHL team had a 20 goal scorer this year, except the Coyotes.

According to Craig Morgan of the Athletic, there were 122 players who scored 20 goals, just none in Arizona.

2011-12 was the last time the Coyotes had a 30 goal scorer (Radem Vbrata). This is just absolutely pathetic.

So whether the Coyotes go for the homerun (Panarin) the triple (Skinner, Kessel) or the double (Eberle) they've got to do something.

Personally, I don't think Jeff Skinner is nearly as one-dimensional as his reputation suggests, and he is a monster 5v5 scorer, so I would love the Coyotes to go after him, but as you can probably guess, that is a longshot.

Replacing Tocchet with a coach who will play a more offensive style would be a start too. Not gonna happen, but something has to.

Either way, time to score some damn goals.
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